Thursday, July 4

A Postpartum Healing Tool

A Tool After Birth: Postpartum Pads

Witch hazel and Lavender Essential Oil are excellent tools for the postpartum healing period. Both  are natural astringents, so they will help reduce swelling and they both assist with healing aches and bruising. They can gently support mom's with sensations and changes after vaginal delivery such as sore perineum. Not to mention, the benefits of reducing swelling of veins and hemorrhoids.

Prepare 18-24 ahead of time. 
Overnight(Cotton Cover) maxi pads
1/4 cup Witch hazel
2-3 drops Lavender oil
Aluminum foil
Small Spray Bottle

  • In a small bowl combine witch hazel and lavender essential oil, mix  thoroughly.
  • Transfer to a small spray bottle.
  • Unfold each pad, and spray each until the pad is damp
  • Wrap each pad in foil and store them in the freezer.

Take care and be kind to your spirit and body.
 This is also a time to nurture yourself as you continue on your road into building your family.