Tuesday, February 26

BRAIN Acronym - a lead in for discussion

In most instances, there is time to discuss treatments or procedure with the care provider and care team. It is an excellent tool to create and include an informed choice for the patient..   
Benefits -              What are the benefits of this procedure? How will this help me/baby/ labour?
Risks -                  What are the risks of this procedure? How might this impact me/baby/labour?
Alternatives -        What are the alternatives to this procedure? Are there other options?
Intuition -              What is my gut intuitive feeling about this?
Need Time,
or Nothing -           What if I delay this procedure? Take some time to think about it?       
                                           What will happen if I choose to do nothing for now?

The BRAIN acronym is  good to practice with as you begin to understand and prepare for laour and delivery. It is an opportunity to play with some of the questions or concerns that are in your mind. It is a constructive tool that you can use in labour yet, also at your visits with your primary care giver in the months before your delivery. You can begin to assess and create concern into possible action. Leaving your precious energy to focus on you and baby.