Tuesday, January 8

Prenatal Gentle Yoga Hip Opener

Knee Rocking

Warm Up: Knee Rocking

1. Sit in a cross-legged position with your left leg on top. If preferred, lean against wall to support your back. 
2. Cradling the left leg with both arms, lift it toward your chest and abdomen as far you comfortably can. 3. Keeping your back straight, hold the leg as high and close to you as possible without straining. 
4. Moving from the hip joint, gently rock the leg back and forth as though rocking a baby. 
5. After rocking one leg several times, switch leg position and repeat with other leg. 

Benefits: - Helps alleviate discomfort in the hip joints caused by your growing baby's pressure on the nerves and joints in the hip area, buttocks, and thighs. - Improves flexibility in the hip, pelvic, and groin areas. Note: Do this warm-up whenever you feel discomfort in the hips and pelvic area.