Friday, August 10

Welcome to Maternity Matters!

It is official, Maternity Matters Labour & Postpartum Doula Services is up, running and posting! Yeah!

This post is dedicated to the incredible opportunity I have had with OSEB - (Ontario Self Employment Benefits Program).

This program has assisted me in getting my skills and services out into the community, forge a networking environment, have support from skilled business consultants (through the YMCA Enterprise Centre) and learn the key structures and fundamentals to build a business (all the nitty gritty - Business Proposals, Marketing, Financial Planning, Networking etc.) -- resulting in following your passion and becoming an entrepeneur!

Now, I have been working diligently to get this up and running -  it has had several hurdles and challenges, like the parts that scare you and push you to your edge - for me things like -Pitching your business idea, Budgets, Administration - and balancing that with a  new baby!
The support (the business consultants, my fellow OSEBer's, the Ministry) from the program made it much easier for me to attend workshops and seminars and make this move forward.

If you are interested in learning more please go to link listed above- I highly reccomend investigating this chance to shift your professional world!